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dsnyder at goodnet.com dsnyder at goodnet.com
Sun Mar 17 08:04:13 EST 2002

I've got an intercooler from a Saab that I'm going to mount in my engine
compartment (Near the right front fender with a hood scoop).  I'm having
trouble finding hoses with a big enough diameter to link the turbo and the
intercooler.  The intercooler basically needs a 3" diameter hose.  The
biggest rubber hose I can find around here seems to be about 2.5" ID.  The
2.5 will fit on the turbo just fine but the intercooler needs a bigger hose.
Any ideas or recomendations?  I need the hose to be a little flexible but
for the most part it will be a straight run.

1982 Rabbit Pickup TD

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