[Vwdiesel] starting problems

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Sun Mar 17 07:13:49 EST 2002

    John wrote:
>>had trouble during real cold mornings....but I figure the thing
should've still been warm enough to start without the glow plugs....<<

    As Loren indicated, don't underestimate glow plugs as a source of
starting troubles, even in warm weather.  A few years back, the glow plug
fuse on my Quantum rotted while parked at work.  It refused to start,
period.  It was pushing 90F that afternoon.  Fortunately, I keep a spare
fuse in the glovebox.
    A slow failure of plugs will lead to progessively harder starting.
Eventually, when all 4 are gone, it won't start even in warmer weather.
    Scott Kair

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