[Vwdiesel] More 1.6TD vs NA crank/ rod opinions

EVEHART33 at aol.com EVEHART33 at aol.com
Wed Mar 20 13:32:54 EST 2002

I asked Jack Ewald if I could substitute NA rods and crank in a 1.6TD block 
to build a TD motor. The following was his reply:

All the parts you mention could be used, but 
are not the same, and were engineered by VW
for more strength to handle the stress / heat.
You can Do anything, however if you want the
motor to live, best build a T/D, with T/D parts.
Experience of 22 + years has taught us this !

I want to build a 1.6TD motor and have a chance to get a rebuildable TD block 
but no rods or crank.  I would have thought the TD parts would be stronger in 
some way, but from the responses to this post yesterday I am not that sure.

Ken Hunter 
Los Lunas,NM
82 Westy (needs motor)
84 Jetta 1.5NA
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