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Team RallyVW Goes Hollywood

May 1, 2002

MARRYSVILLE, OHIO -- Team RallyVW is heading West this week to compete in t=
he Rim of the World ProRally in Palmdale, California- just North of Hollywo=
od. This will be the team's first time at the event, which originated in th=
e 1970s and is in its 19th consecutive running. Rim is run primarily in the=
 Angeles National Forest, which is known for its rough, twisty roads and am=
ple "exposures" (otherwise known as cliffs).

John Hamilton, driver and team owner, is currently tied for first place in =
Production class with Jeff Field and his Celica GTS. Field is also expected=
 to compete at Rim, ensuring an exciting event as the two duke it out for t=
op honors. Both drivers must fight for points, yet preserve their cars for =
the next event, STPR, which is four weeks and 2500 miles away.

Josh Westhoven will be taking a turn in the co-driver's seat of RallyVW's V=
olkswagen Golf TDI. This will be his first competitive ride in the Golf, wh=
ich was formerly his daily driver. Ken Sabo will be back for STPR. The serv=
ice crew for this event will include Mike Jackson, Ann Froschauer, Patrick =
Jackson and Eric Smith.

The MotorsportVortex liveried Golf TDI, which is the only diesel currently =
competing in the ProRally series, runs on an environmentally friendly Soyle=
ct Biodiesel blend supplied by McWherter Petroleum. Made from domestically =
grown soybeans that reduce both harmful emissions and dependency on foreign=
 oil, biodiesel also fuels RallyVW's new service truck. The team is also re=
ceiving support from two new sponsors for Rim of the World, AV Lubricants, =
Inc. and WaterWagens.com.

Performance Rally takes place on real roads, usually dirt, gravel, or two-t=
racks in forested areas. The terrain can change quickly. The winding roads =
are peppered with washouts, large rocks, tight turns, and jumps. The driver=
 relies heavily on the co-driver, who reads instructions and maintains mile=
age calculations while the driver is pushing the car to impossibly fast spe=
eds through the woods and fields.

For more information, check the teams website at www.rallyvw.com.

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