[Vwdiesel] More Ecodiesel

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Fri May 3 03:26:21 EDT 2002

  I tried the oversize rings filed down and had terrible results.  I only got
30K out of a std. ring re-ring.  Of course the Rabbit's cylinder walls were
quite oddly.  They weren't tapered, they were wavy.  This is where I think
a Total Seal re-ring would pay, or at least having a set of rings modified
to the TS style.  Better sealing in a marginal bore.
  Of course if your bore is worn you should really consider a rebore.  From
what a lot of your experiences, it seems that cylinders are worn more here
than in other parts of the country.  Mt. St. Helens could be the reason
for that.  There was a lot of fine abrasive floating around this state for
several years.
  As with any engine, if you do the head, do the rings and vise-versa.
Otherwise the other will tend to give out in a short time.

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