[Vwdiesel] Replacing Oil Seals

Maynard Southard echomhs at gis.net
Sat May 4 23:11:49 EDT 2002

I am replacing the timing belt on Col. Potter and thought it would be an
opportune time to replace the front oil seals.  However, I've only ever
replaced the one on the intermediate shaft before.  I think I have all the
seals, o-rings and gaskets shown in the Bentley, but I don't have any of the
special tools that Bentley describes, so I'm hoping I can do this using a
little care and everyday tools in my tool box.  Maybe you experienced folks
could answer a few questions for me:

Is it easiest to replace the camshaft oil seal by removing the camshaft
sprocket and then the bearing caps (carefully) and lifting the camshaft out?
 Is there an easier way?

I will be removing the oil pan so that I can wedge a piece of hardwood between
the crank and the block in order to remove the crankshaft sprocket bolt.  Is it
then easiest to remove the crankshaft seal plate behind the crankshaft sprocket
and then replace the front crankshaft seal on my workbench?

I was also planning on installing an oil baffle over the camshaft.  Do I need
to find another set of nuts to hold this down on top of the studs that hold the
bearing caps?  The baffle didn't come with any instructions or additional nuts.

Thanks for any help!

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