[Vwdiesel] Simple little TDI question Phase II

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Thu May 9 10:47:26 EDT 2002

>   I figured the next step is a plug in the hoses at the tank end and a Mitee
> Vac put on the engine end of them.  Check for leakage.

THat would be about it... Oring on the filter top, what else.... line
pinholes??  I'd be tempted to pressurize the blasted thing and find the leak.
 I've changed the filter in the 97, it was nowhere near this much trouble,
certainly not even approaching the PITA level at all.

>   How do you know if the check valves need replaced?

That's the beautiful thing about it... you don't until the car stops at way
below zero, whatever your fuel is blended for.  Sweet deal.  IIRC, the part
number should tell if the thing has been changed- something about the ID of the
valve being too small in the dud one- let the precipitate clog the line before
the heated filter had anything to say about it.  Brilliant....   Fix was bigger
ID check, or to throw the thing away, I don't remember which, sorry.  Dealer
should have info on cold weather recall something or other.

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