[Vwdiesel] head bolt torquing specs

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I recommend looking at this email in full screen mode.

I hope that I can make this make sense.  Here goes.

Instructions for tightening the stretch head bolts according to Bently are
as follows:

Torque head bolts to 30 lb/ft in sequence given in figure 5-15.  Go over
sequence a second time, torquing head bolts to 44 lb/ft.  Then, go over
sequence again, tightening each bolt one half turn in one movement using a
breaker bar rthat than a torque wrench.

Finish reassembling engine parts, and adjust idle speed....etc. (of course).

Warm up the engine untill the oil temperature is 122 degrees or above, and
then stop the engine.  Tighten each bolt according to sequence, using a
breaker bar precicely 1/4 turn.

After vehicle has been driven 1,000 miles, tighten bolts 1/4 turn in a
single movement regardless of warm or cold.

OK, bad art time......

Figure 5-15

	|							 |
	|10         4         2         6         8|
	|							 |
	|							 |
	|							 |
	| 7	      5         1         3         9|

			Front of engine

Hope this helps.


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OK guys, after removing the top ridge and honing the cylinders and putting
in new rings, the CY block is ready to be rejoined to its head.
Unfortunately, the Bentley that I have does not have the instructions for
the stretch bolt tightening (it only goes to 81).  I would appreciate it if
some one could pass along the torque specs and 1/4 turns specifications.
TIAA, Hayden
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