[Vwdiesel] observations on Tdi Passat after 1yr(long)

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Wed May 15 02:16:32 EDT 2002

> different two tire on the front vs. what's on the back.  I think lowering
> the pressure on the rear helps.

I think it's lower opposite rear, or raise front on side of pull.  Probably
caster trouble tho'.

 I can't remember at the moment which
> does which.  If the caster is out of whack that can affect oversteer too.
> Of course a rear wheel out of alignment can affect steering and pulling
> too.
.  He was NOT happy at how changing the
> oil filter went on his first oil change!  Read, not fun!
Ain't that the truth!!  How much uncoated skin had he left, and how big a pool
in coverall elbows?  But his skin is now so soft..... Tell him to centerpunch
the filter, let it drain, put a sheet metal screw in, then remove filter.  MUCH
less PITA and full body rustproofing happening. Isn't it an ignorant place for
a filter?  Man... they should put some more stuff around it, the it wouldn't be
visible at all.

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