[Vwdiesel] observations on Tdi Passat after 1yr(long)

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Wed May 15 19:29:10 EDT 2002

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jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca writes:

> > Different two tire on the front vs. what's on the back.  I think lowering
>  > the pressure on the rear helps.
>  I think it's lower opposite rear, or raise front on side of pull.  Probably
>  caster trouble tho'.

  I meant to correct the oversteer aspect.  Otherwise you're right,
the pressure on the front side of the pull should help decrease it and lower
in the opposite corner should create more offset drag.
  I just have to laugh at all these "dumb kids" (no offense if any of them
are present) that lower the car and offset the wheels outboard, about
5 inches!  Those cars HAVE to ride and handle like CRAP!  It'd be fun
to get in a road rallye against one!  ;-)
>  .  He was NOT happy at how changing the
>  > oil filter went on his first oil change!  Read, not fun!
>  ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!
>  Ain't that the truth!!  How much uncoated skin had he left, and how big a
> pool in coverall elbows?  But his skin is now so soft..... Tell him to
> centerpunch the filter, let it drain, put a sheet metal screw in, then
remove filter.

  Actually it wasn't as much the mess that annoyed him, it was all the skin
that was MISSING when he was done.  :(  It really doesn't look so bad from
the topside but he had a struggle.  He didn't want to pull stuff from below.
"You have to remove HALF of the STINKIN' car to even SEE anything
from below!"  I informed him that was why I start talking filter relocation
kit for the Jetta every time I change the oil filter in it.  It's less
and about as quick to just pull the PS pump and drop the hoses so
the filter will come out.  You still  have to lay it sideways in order to
move it over 6 inches so that it'll drop out.  :P

>  less PITA and full body rustproofing happening. Isn't it an ignorant place
> for a filter?  Man... they should put some more stuff around it, the it
> be visible at all.
>  -James
  And people wonder why I like my Rabbit so well!  :)

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