[Vwdiesel] RE: [Audi-VW-Diesels] Drilling out intake manifold on 1.6NA

G. Matthew Bulley gmbulley at bulley-hewlett.com
Wed May 22 16:34:27 EDT 2002

As a general rule, VW doesn't do stupid sh*t.

They don't purposely put things on the vehicle that don't need to be
there. They don't arbitrarily try things out on consumers. They don't
use "trial and error" engineering.

I would virtually guarantee that a team of crusty, well-educated,
high-IQ, cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking, lab-coat-wearing German
engineers debated the size of that hole into the wee hours of the night,
discussing even how large it would need to be for a motor designed to go
>200k miles.

In my experience any shade-tree attempts to be smarter than the German
Engineering School grads at VW are generally met with eventual sadness
and financial outlay directly related to the attempt.

There are exceptions; so you go ahead and drill it out and let us all
know in a couple years how it goes.


G. Matthew Bulley
Mount Olive, NC

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Subject: [Audi-VW-Diesels] Drilling out intake manifold on 1.6NA

I've heard conflicting theories about the tiny breathe hole on the
manifold breather, this is on the Vanagon diesel engine.  One party says
that it is restrictive and should be drilled out; another says that it
is a
safety feature and if drilled out, oil could reach that level, close the
system and create a runaway engine.

I'm not mechanic, just a worrywort.  What is the consensus from this
list on
this subject?



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