[Vwdiesel] Intermediate shaft bearing replacement

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sun May 26 11:11:56 EDT 2002

i don't know if you can pull the shaft that way
(but if you can, id like to know)
the 'bearings' are more 'races'
there pretty obvious , the only 2 places the shaft rests/spins.
one right at where you remove shaft (passenger side on block)
and the p.i.t.a. one... at the other end:o)
you can see /feel if its worn.
i used a lil flashlight to see.
check ALL angles ...i thought mine were ok till i looked topside
the wear was obvious and unmistakable.
(pieces missing)
hope that helps...


David Kysar wrote:
> None of my service manuals have instuctions on replacing the intermediate
> shaft bearing.  I have pulled a shaft before but dont remeber seeing any
> bearings.
> Any one know how to do this.  I think I can pull the shaft by unbolting the
> engine mounts and jacking up the engine, but dont know where to look for the
> bearing or how to get them out.
> thanks,
> Dave Kysar
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