[Vwdiesel] RE: Intermediate shaft bearings

Brian or Pam Harrison roseland at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed May 29 21:55:32 EDT 2002

Hi Dave;
I had to change the intermediate shaft on my 85 Jetta td a few
years ago and did it with the engine in the car, middle of winter,
outside. I pulled it out on the right side in the wheel well after
removing the plastic fender liner. I don't recall now, but I may have
lowered the engine a little.
There are two bearings, one at each end and the farthest one in is
smaller than the outer one. They are not listed as a part at the VW
dealer and are considered part of the engine block assembly on
VWs parts catalogue. That is also the reason why they are not
discussed in the Bentley Manuals since VW didn't have a
procedure to change them available for publication.
The bearings are available from engine rebuilders and I had found
out that they were the same as the bearings used in the 1.7 L Gas
VW engine that was used in the Omni / Horizon models in the late
70s and early 80s. It is important to insure that the oil holes in the
replacement bearings are lined up when putting them in otherwise
you will not get any oil flow to the shaft.

I had mine changed a few years later when I had the block out to
rebuild it and ended up with oil pressure problems. I eventually
traced the problem to missing steel bushings for the vacuum pump
drive shaft that the engine rebuilder had taken out when they
cleaned my block. These bearings are another item that is not
listed as a part at VW and is considered a part of the block. With
these bushings out the oil was pouring back into the oil sump from
the lower oil gallery channel.

That's briefly my encounter with intermediate shafts and low oil
pressure. The rest is a long story as well.

Brian Harrison
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Canada
roseland at ns.sympatico.ca
"VW Diesel Driver Since 1978"
63 Type 2
72 Beetle
85 Jetta GL td 617,000km
95 Passat GLS td wagon 257,000km
97 Jetta GL TDI 139,000km

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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] RE: Intermediate shaft bearings
> It takes me about two weeks to pull an engine (bum leg long story.)
> Thinking if I can't clear the fender I could take it off. Anyway  for
> the life of me I can't picture where the bearings are. Like I say I
> remember pulling the shaft on one of these engines a few years ago but
> can't remember any bearings.
> So  how many bearings are there?  And if I'm able to remove the
> intermediate shaft w/out engine removal will it be possible to pound
> the bearing in or am I trying the impossible?  What is used to hone?
> Is there a tool to seat the bearing?
> Sorry so many questions, can't belive this isn't in Bently's.  This is
> for an 85 Jetta with a fresh rebuilt motor from a rebutable rebuilder.
>  I put a JY vaccum pump on the engine which was worn and it lead to
> throwing the intermediate shaft off, so after replacing the vacuum
> pump I still have low oil pressure so intermediate bearings here I
> come.
> thanks all,
> Dave Kysar

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