[Vwdiesel] EGT Gauge Probe Mounting

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu May 30 01:01:51 EDT 2002

> I plan to make new flange; should make 2 1/4 inch initial new down pipe
>  to allow for easier flange mounting?

  I'm now considering the "ideal" to be more like 2 1/4 for an inch or so
and then going to 2 1/2.  I used a "weld elbow," 2 1/2 inch with a "special
order" 2 1/2 inch tight radius.  It's thick and heavy and probably overkill.
ID is great but OD gets in the way of bolting the flange to the turbo.
why I'm thinking of something a little smaller when I do the Rabbit.
>  On your dad's pickup turbo, you mentioned the probe was mounted right
>  after turbo. Do you mean using a welded boss on the new flange downpipe?

  Yes, we didn't realize a boss came with the pyrometer so Dad took a
pipe coupling and ground it to fit the curve of the elbow.  Then he had them
blow a hole and weld it on when they built the exhaust. :)
>  How much ground clearance does the oil return line have at the pan? Any
>  suggestions to reduce rock/ground impacts? I see a lot of bid action on
>  Ebay for turbo oil pans.

  Tons of room.  It enters the pan about an inch + below the top.

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