[Vwdiesel] Nissan/Datsun Diesel pu's

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Datsun and Nissan are the same company.  };-)

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> I did some work for a guy who was "baby-sitting" a Datusn.  I think he
> 50mpg and I almost couldn't keep up with him with my Rabbit!  Very little
> smoke.  I had an old timer tell me that, I forget which order, his
> diesels were the Toyota and Datsun.  I know the Toy is made by them
> and I think the Datsun is a Nissan but not 100% positive.  The bodies do
> seem to rust a bit but it'll be obvious.  I think only the Toyota had the
> option.  Pretty sure they're all IDI.  Good stout engines that tend to
> a LONG time.
>      Loren
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