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I'm a 1.6D newbie too.  I just bought my '91 Jetta 1.6D about a month ago
with 232,850 miles on the clock.  She still purrs like a kitten.

Only thing I can think of is since the car is an '85 it probably has solid
lifters.  Which means you'll have to periodically adjust the valves.  I
think it's every 15k miles (I'd have to drag out my Bentley Manual to know
for sure).  Oil changes are supposed to be done every 7500 miles.  Fuel
filter every 30k miles.

Head gaskets are known to blow.  Head bolts that really weren't long enough
plus a compression ratio of 23:1 didn't help.  };-)

Chris Thornton
1991 VW Jetta GL 2 Door 1.6D - 233k miles
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> greetings all:
> i have been lurking for a while on the list.
> i am going to look at an 1985 golf deisel, 5sp . 160k. still gets 50mpg.
> overall good condition. small crack in the winsheild. seller basically
> inherited the car, does not know much about it. po supposedly took decent
> care of it.
> has a/c but  unknown.  'heat works real good.'
> aside from the 'usual,' is there anything that i should pay particular
> attention to?
> one thing i am wondering, how does one check status of the struts?
> is the clutch in these completely manual or are they hydraulic?
> thanks in advance
> dennis

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