[Vwdiesel] Speaking of Lights

Mark Kostreva flstgla at hubcap.clemson.edu
Fri Nov 8 11:06:12 EST 2002

Be careful running with Hi and Lo beams on at once, as running both
filiaments in your bulbs will cause them to get super hot and fail very
early. It would be a lot better to get slightly uprated bulbs or a pair
of driving lights ($20) to use with your high beams. Good

Also, the high beam circuit is relayed anyway. Hence the click when you
pull the stalk.

Mark Kostreva
86 Golf GTD
E-code Quad headlight light conversion
Hella Comet 550 Driving lights
"I live for dark roads"

>> has anyone figured out how to hack their lighting switch so that both
>> High and low beams come on in the high beam setting??

>I would do it with relays, so you aren't pulling all of that current through
>the switch.  You could put the relays under the hood (easiest) or under the
>dash where the wires come out of the switch (most protected).  Putting them
>under the hood makes it easy to run heavy-duty wiring and fuse your

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