[Vwdiesel] valve cover gasket sealing issues...

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Nov 9 23:42:51 EST 2002

> The cork gaskets require stepped studs for proper installation. It is
>  imperative that the gasket holes fit properly on the studs. The rubber
>  gaskets have straight studs.

  Actually there are two types.  Small hole for straight studs and large
hole for the stepped ones.  Yes, it's important the valve cover is
flat/straight.  A couple other things I do to them.  I put it upside down,
on a protruding edge of something so that I can pound the bellied down
bolt holes back to flat.  Often I will drill the holes out to a non-metric
that's just a smidge bigger.  I don't remember the size but it's just barely
bigger.  The valve cover will then slip on and off the studs easily instead
of grabbing and binding.  :)
  I use just a film of "blue sparkly" silicone on the valve cover surface.
just to hold the gasket in the event of later removal and reinstallation.
  I don't use any sealer on pan gaskets.  If I do at all then it would be
just a
film of the blue stuff again.  Never had a problem with one leaking.  Yes,
two bolts are a buggar.  1/4 inch drive 10mm and a universal is the ONLY way
to do them when bolted to the tranny!  :)

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