[Vwdiesel] Exaust Clips

Al Stumbaugh alstum at visuallink.com
Mon Nov 11 19:35:58 EST 2002

Hi All:
     Time to tackle the dreaded clips on the
exaust system of my diesel. The Parts Place
catalog shows a tool for about $50, and it
looked easy to make.

     I took two inexpensive eye bolts from
the hardware store. They had a wood screw
thread. After cutting off the threaded part
I put one in the vise with about half an
inch sticking up above the jaws. I held
a small screwdriver next to the eye bolt
shaft and beat it over the shaft of the
screwdriver. Of course it was at right angles
to the eye.

     To be sure it fit I bought a new clip
from my FLAPS. Just kept bending it over till
it fit the rounded edge of the clip with the
first bend inside the hole of the clip.
Took about ten minutes of bending this way
an that to get them right.

     Then I took a piece of three eighths
threaded rod. On the top eye I bolted the
eye to the threaded rod with two nuts and
two washers. On the bottom eye I put one
nut and washer. Seems to work just fine.

     Sorry I cannot send a pix, but if you
have a Parts Place Catalog, you can see
what they did. Costs were about four dollars US.


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