[Vwdiesel] timing belt r&r questions

dennis pantazis dennis at pantazis.org
Mon Nov 11 22:10:50 EST 2002

thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions.

i used my ford special tool (trusty channel locks) to loosen bung and
removed it.  right there was a little pointer and bright yellow dot!

i will be sure to check the intermediate pulley and pump for wobble.

i am waiting on parts for a few days, so i will be back in touch later. i
did order a corrado valve cover gasket, so i will post results on how it

the vacuum line thing is botched. the one on the green line will get
replaced. the dent in the hard line look VERY much like a work light melted
it. brakes work ok, but i will keep an eye on it and fix later.

thanks again


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