[Vwdiesel] winter oil

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Thu Nov 14 08:56:59 EST 2002

I have the same question. At 15 - 10 deg. F, 15W-40 is right at the cut-off
point for the owner's manual. I've always used 15W-40, and it seems a bit
thick below 15 degrees F. It takes several (I mean like 8 or more LONG)
seconds for the oil pressure LED to extinguish at this temp (w/out the block
heater). after start-up. It usually does not ever get much colder than this,
so I'm right on the line for using a thinner oil in winter. I've used a block
heater after leaving the apartment many years ago, so never considered this,
but the new motor does not have the block heater. In Chicago, I'd strongly
recommend the change in winter. I just plain HATE switching oil brands,
though. Since I use Shell Rotella, I should consider Shell Rotella 10W-30
(they make it, but I can not get it in this area).


dennis pantazis wrote:

> i am planning on doing the first complete oil and filter change on bertha.
> reading the owners book leaves me a little confused- what is the 'correct'
> oil to use for winter driving.
> i am not looking for a brand war, but weight and viscosity rating.
> i live in chicago, and the car is kept outside. 1.6D.
> tia
> dennis
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