[Vwdiesel] cleaning injector parts

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Thu Nov 14 10:11:14 EST 2002

I have a spare set of injectors that I think have many fewer miles on them
than the ones in my '89 na Jetta I would like to install. I'd like to break
them down and clean them up inside first. I have the Bentley illustration
of what's inside but wonder if there is a preferred recipe to cut the
varnish or whatever it is that I am going to find in there?  I've only had
the car on the road a couple months and now that it is getting cold in PA
it is very loud when I start it and billows white/gray smoke when I first
start it until I get running up the road. I just put new in MPA glow plugs
(not too excited with them) and it acts the same. One of the new plugs went
bad already so I can't say with confidence I ruled the glow plugs out as
the problem, but would like to swap the injectors with clean ones anyhow.

Thanks much,


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