[Vwdiesel] winter oil

worb at finning.ca worb at finning.ca
Thu Nov 14 09:44:48 EST 2002

I know it's already been covered in the thread, but definitely go for
synthetic or at least a 10W30 or preferably 0W30 dino oil if it's really
I've recently switched to Caterpillar 5W40 syn, it's made by Mobil, and I
found the price very reasonable (cheaper the shell, Mobil, esso, etc).
I live in the Northwest Territories of Canada and we're already hitting -20
celcius on a regular basis.  I keep my car plugged in (block AND oil pan)
during the day and at night it sleeps in the garage (which is probably
around zero degrees C).  No problems starting.
I find the worst part of winter is the beating on the battery!

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