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Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Fri Nov 15 13:10:18 EST 2002

That reminds me. My wife got an extended warranty on a Sentra before I knew
her (so I had no say in the matter.) Something broke at some point that should
have been covered. It was pure hell getting the dealer to comply with the
terms of the extended warranty. I think I ended up fixing the problem myself
since it was such a hassle. That's another problem with these warranties.


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 11/15/2002 5:57:03 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> nwall at opei.org writes:
> > In general, automotive extended warranties are a VERY POOR value.
>   Dad bought one when he bought the Passat but ONLY because he
> could get a full refund in the first 90 days, if he didn't use it.  It was
> reasonably prorated after that.  He started reading all the fine print
> and it basically only covered things that broke.  If the turbo blew up
> it would cover it.  If the intake was gummed up from the EGR, it wasn't
> covered unless it cracked or something.  He wanted it just in case he
> bought a lemon.  It had a few problems but NONE of them were covered
> so we fixed them ourselves and he got a good lump of money back.  :)
>      Loren
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