[Vwdiesel] rev issues

Kris krisa at subtend.net
Mon Nov 18 14:15:14 EST 2002

'84 rabbit D.  Recently replaced the injection pump with a used one.
Runs great.  Couple things I notice that are different.  When driving,
between shifts, the RPM's seem to be held at their previous level a lot
longer than before.  Say you're criusing along at a fixed speed, you
push in the clutch and it takes a good 2 seconds for the RPM's to start
dropping.  Before it would drop immediately like any other manual I have

The other thing is when I move the throttle manually in about an inch
(on the pump), it increaces RPM like normal, but sounds like it has just
the slighest hesitation.  Then after about 20 seconds the RPM's start to
climb to a higher level (same throttle position) like something was just
cleared up.. but repeatable.

I have to admit on the second issue the engine was not fully warmed up
so this might be the issue.

I'm just a packet pusher.

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