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Tyson Cragg jetta at golden.net
Mon Nov 18 21:12:51 EST 2002

That was me.  It was at the 2000 or 2001 Detroit auto show.  What is known
in Europe as the Chrysler Voyager comes with a 2.5L DI TD made by Detroit
Diesel's AutoMoturi subsidiary in Italy.  Check out the UK web site
www.chrysler.co.uk   They have them there.

Tyson K. Cragg
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> > We
> >  need a better variety of diesels around here!
>   Dad talked to a guy today that had a BMW 535 TD...  and another engine
> and tranny in the garage with a nice body sitting outside waiting for it.
> he just bought a cherry one from somewhere in the Midwest, plus he has
> accumulated several spare parts.
>   I'd like to see more diesels too.  I'd settle for finding a European
> Caravan
> TD engine and tranny and getting it shipped over here for my wife's van.
> More torque AND better mileage.  I assume they're available in a TD over
> there.  I seem to remember a list member mentioning seeing one at an
> auto show a couple years ago.
>      Loren

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