[Vwdiesel] Propane injection update and Dual fuel system install

weasel weasel1 at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 21 14:12:36 EST 2002

So whatcha doing with the old propane system ??  Maybe I'll go for the
tri-fuelled vehicle !!  Hmmm, diesel, veggie and propane !  I kinda like the
sounds of that.  Of course I'd have almost no trunk space left  ...

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> Just a quick update on the propane injection system.  I now have two
> tanks on the propane to go along with the highway data previously
> The two tanks gave me an average of 40 mpg for intown driving.  This is
> exactly what I have been getting in winter (no A/C) driving before.  BUT I
> have not been driving the car like I normally do.  In fact I have driven
> car hard ALL of the time.  Acelleration rapidly, driving many times in the
> 75-80 mph on highway stretches etc, etc.  I have basically driven the hell
> out of the car and put it up wet every single day and the car STILL got 40
> mpg!  I cannot imagine what would happen if I drove regularly but the car
> so much fun when on the juice.
> Anyway, the current system is coming out tomorrow or Friday and will be
> replaced by a Welsh Technologies Dual Fuel System.  This system provides 2
> levels of propane injection: a small amount on idle and then a larger
> once the car comes off idle.  It also qualifies as a dual fuel vehicle and
> $2000 tax credit!!!!!  Anyway, I am documenting the installation on my
> website so every one can see.  BTW I didn't buy the system directly from
> Welsh, I purchased it on ebay from a distributor in Austin, Tx.  At any
> rate, I will keep every one up to date on the progress.  Hayden
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