[Vwdiesel] Propane - Dual fuel system

dieseltdi at earthlink.net dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 21 19:50:39 EST 2002

To answer a couple of question:
1)The tax credit is a one time thing in the year in which it is placed into

2)It is either $2000 or $1500, right now the 2002 tax information is in
flux, and there apparantly is a change to the lower amount for 2002.
Interestingly enough, ALL credits for clean fuel AND electric/hybrid cars is
being phased out and will all end in 2005.  Just shows how much our current
government really cares about the environment.

3) The system MUST be a certified system.  The Powershot, Bully Dog, and
Import Power systems or some kind of homemade system would not qualify
unless you can get them certified.

Any other Questions?
I hope to have the entire system installed by Saturday.  Hayden

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