[Vwdiesel] what is it ?

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 23 10:57:07 EST 2002

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i have a mystery diesel.(to me)
it was given to a friend as a potential boat motor
but im wondering what its from..and if it could serve my needs
instead of being converted for marine use,
and even if it is an upgrade for the 5cylinder Mercedes
engine thats is in the boat now:o)
 im not too familiar with too many other types of diesels
out there... so..
its a diesel..6 cylinder  the audie symbols on it..
and volvo (im guessing its from a volvo)
made in Germany
the injector pump is run off the cam with a small belt,
on the tranny side of the motor.
(opposite to rabbits)
motor would sit front to back
not like rabbits..its from a rear wheel drive.
the engine is kinda difficult to get at n have a good look
right now..,
so any suggestions as to WHERE to even find a s#
to id it would be a big help..:o)


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