[Vwdiesel] Re: [Audi-VW-Diesels] Bosch diesel alternator on eBay

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 24 10:54:08 EST 2002

>This comes in 65 amp (no A/C) and 90 amp (A/C) flavors. His ad does not
>specify which it is. The 90 amp is a $200 - 300 rebuild.

  Sure it does, Nate.

"This is a new, never been on a car, factory remanufactured alternator by
Bosch. It fits 1985 to 1992 VW Jetta with diesel engines. It is a 65 amp
unit and fits many other VW models depending on wiring connections and
mounting positions."


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