[Vwdiesel] 1982 Rabbit with 1.6, which head gasket

Michael R. Hitchings mhitchings at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 27 08:25:44 EST 2002

Well, to try to resolve this a bit more, I have the 11mm head bolts (hex
head).  So, I determine which gasket then from the cylinder projection?
Do I just measure that with a ruler?

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Just be on the safe side, here's a more detailed view of the same

According to the Bentley, there are two series of head gaskets, the
pre-81 and 81-on.  So it's important to know when your engine was made.
My 1982 Rabbit diesel has the 11mm head bolts that are associated with
the '81 engines; but it has a 1-notch gasket which was only available on
post-'81 engines.  Some sort of mixing and matching has possibly
occurred, or there's some narrow overlap range on the production line.

Anway, the point is: be careful!  There are two different two-notch

  - 068 103 383 pre-81, for 0.43-0.63mm projection, 1.3mm gasket
  - the same part number with an L, '81- for 0.83-0.93mm
    projection, 1.5mm gasket thickness


[2002-11-26 17:06 -0500] Gary, Orlando (gbangs at cfl.rr.com) wrote:

> Mike,
> Yes, the notches indicate how thick the gasket is. The gasket is block
> dependent and not head dependent. The thickness required is determined
> by how far the pistons protrude above the block.
> There are three choices:
> 1 notch... piston up to 0.82mm above block
> 2 notch... between 0.83 - 0.92mm
> 3 notch... over 0.93mm
> -Gary, Orlando
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> > Hey gang, I have the head off my donor engine (a 1982 1.6 with 230K
> > miles) and the head gasket was the original one. I now need to
> > it. The original had two notches. Do I need to get the one with one,
> > two, or three identification notches on it? What does the notch
> > identify? Thickness?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mikey
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