[Vwdiesel] Glow Plug replacement

Bill Barber TheBarbers at look.ca
Thu Nov 28 17:36:41 EST 2002

1994 EV GLS 2.4l diesel manual, 277,000 km.

Decided to look at glow plugs as morning starts were getting quite smokey.

Finally took off the alternator as the access was limited. Had to take
off the mounting bracket as after removing the single bolt fromm the
bracket, the alternator wouldn't budge. Maybe this would be possible if
the temperature wasn't a few degrees below freezing.

Used an ammeter to measure current to the glow plug. Could only get at
the glow plugs from below as the top access is quite tight.

First glow plug by the alternator end was bad.

Only way to remove the glow plug was with a 12mm ratcheting offset box
wrench. I suppose that I might have been able to use a standard box
wrench, but that would have taken longer as it is blind.

Second glow plug was had.

Third glow plug was bad. I wondered how the engine had started at all.

Thankfully, when I put everything back together, the final 2 glow plugs
were okay. I wasn't going to tackle the last 2, as they are behind the
injection pump and I didn't want to mess with that.

I replaced the glow plugs with ones that are "OEM" from Volkswagen. They
don't have Bosch anywhere on the box or the glow plug, but the dealer
parts guy said that there was a Bosch number on it. (#) 190 France 0250
201 032 (937). I am not sure if this is true. Anyone know?

The "bad" glow plugs looked okay, just sooty, so I believe that the
injectors are not leaking. Now the van starts right up, no smoke.

When the glow plugs come on, the current is 60 to 80 amps, then drops
fairly rapidly to 50 to 60 amps. The current goes off when the light
goes out. Then after the engine starts, the current goes back to 50 amps
for a time and then turns off. This seems to agree with the Bentley
manual. I didn't check to see what happens after the engine warms up
completely, but after running a short time, the glow plug current did
turn on on restarting. I now have an 80 amp fuse, where I believe
originally and in the manual it was 50 amps.


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