[Vwdiesel] Was stalling now not starting

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Fri Nov 29 17:38:23 EST 2002

>Previous question to the list was my 85 non-turbo Diesel Jetta would just
power down and stall after driving 2-3 miles, after stalling, starting 2- 3
times it would run
the rest of the day no issues.

  That almost sounds like either a plugged fuel filter or a leak in the fuel
line causing the pump to suck air. More like a leak. Could be an obstructed
pick-up in the tank, though.

>Now we have reached outside temps in the teens and it wants to start but
not continue to run.

 This sounds like a glow plug issue. Is there white or grey smoke coming
from the tailpipe that smells like raw diesel fuel when you are cranking it

> I have now added a seperate fuel filter, (small
container vented for a fuel tank) and a separate container for return.
Installed all of this in the engine compartment to eliminate anything with
the fuel tank and lines. The pump doesn't seem to be pumping much fuel and
the return line has very small pulses of fuel.

 Maybe airbound pump? Remove the banjo fitting on top of the pump where the
return line attaches and fill the pump with CLEAN diesel fuel if it is not

 If it cranks and you get whitish smoke, you are getting fuel. Could be glow
plugs, ignition timing, low compression. Slow cranking speed will also not
help. Try boosting it with a decent set of jumper cables from another
vehicle. If this does not help, you may have poor connections or starter
 Cranks and no smoke, you're not getting fuel. Could be air in the lines,
plugged filter, empty pump, shutoff solenoid not on or bad.
 If you have ice in the ful pump, you're in a world of hurt. I doubt that's
the case.

 Sounds like you've got some of those bases covered. Check some of the other
suggestions and report back.


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