[Vwdiesel] broken headbolt conclusion

Holly danew at cybersol.com
Wed Oct 16 22:17:32 EDT 2002

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Hi all,

   I am writing to thank you guys for all of your help and tell you how my =
broken head bolt concluded.  I heated, used parafin, heated used liquid wre=
nch, I banged on the bolt with a  5 lb hammer.   I eventually had a friend =
come over and had him weld a nut on the nub which was about 1/2 inch above =
the block.  Then I tried to remove the bolt with the new nut welded on it. =
It then snapped off again.   Now it was below the edge of the block inside.=
  I then drilled into the bolt and used a tap to put new threads in.  When =
I squirted oil in the hole I noticed it didn't fill up with oil as somehow =
there was a crack or hole that when into the coolant passage area.  So I gu=
ess the block is junk and I will use another block that I had in the garage=
 and use it.  So thanks for the help, but I guess some things are meant to =

Dave Newlin

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