[Vwdiesel] Finding TDC

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Mon Sep 2 03:28:32 EDT 2002

The engine is a 1998 Jetta TDI (AHU code), I received it with no
I'm installing it into a 1981 rabbit pickup (Caddy) with a 5 speed trans.

I installed a 210mm flyheel on the engine and I now have a TDC concern.

I locked the camshaft and injection pump in their TDC locations and then
marked the location on the engine block that corresponded to where the TDC
mark on the new conversion "non TDI" flywheel is.

When It is mounted to the transmission (from an 88 Jetta), the reference mark
on the transmission case does_not_line up with the TDC mark on the flywheel!
The reference point instead lines up to the right of what I think is the TDC
mark.  The 210mm flywheel has two raised marks on it about 2.5 inches apart.
Just to the right of the left hand raised mark are two cut marks into the
flywheel, one deeper and longer than the other.

Has anyone else ran into this situation?  I'm new to all of this!  Is the
inconsistency that I'm seeing a result of installing an earlier flywheel and
transaxle on this engine?

Is there an alternative way of determining absolutely where TDC is with this

Should I leave the engine timed to the original TDC setting that was
(hopefully) working well in its original vehicle, the 98 jetta?  This is what
instinct tells me to do instead of setting TDC per the marks on the new
"conversion" flywheel and transmission.............but..??



mark fitzsimons
portland, or

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