[Vwdiesel] Re: [vwpickups] Finding TDC

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Mon Sep 2 10:14:33 EDT 2002

If the flywheel is from a Digifant II (I don't know the timing values
for CIS-e) one of the marks (left hand when looking from the flywheel
end of the engine, I believe) is 6° BTDC the other about 1/2" from it
should be TDC.  There might be another stamping, like an "O", on the
flywheel to denote TDC.


> The engine is a 1998 Jetta TDI (AHU code), I received it with no
> flywheel/clutch.
> I'm installing it into a 1981 rabbit pickup (Caddy) with a 5 speed trans.
> I installed a 210mm flyheel on the engine and I now have a TDC concern.

> When It is mounted to the transmission (from an 88 Jetta), the reference mark
> on the transmission case does_not_line up with the TDC mark on the flywheel!
> The reference point instead lines up to the right of what I think is the TDC
> mark.  The 210mm flywheel has two raised marks on it about 2.5 inches apart.
> Just to the right of the left hand raised mark are two cut marks into the
> flywheel, one deeper and longer than the other.
> thanks!
> mark
> mark fitzsimons
> portland, or

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