[Vwdiesel] rabbit rebuild - conclusion

Kris krisa at subtend.net
Wed Sep 4 06:35:18 EDT 2002

Ok, so I took all your comments and attempted to time this little rabbit

I thought I was fairly successful.  In the end, the dial indicator read
correctly and even the notch on the inside of the pump gear lined up
with the notch on the metal behind it.  I got the belt much tighter this

Regarding the injectors.  As you might of read in the past, I said I had
gas leaking out the sides.  Well this was caused by not having _any_
heat shields installed at all.  This was caused by my confusion thinking
the heat shield was the lower part of the injector.  I would have found
this out had I disassembled the head myself and not the place that
rebuilt it.  So when I received the new injectors today, behold...
little disks came with them.  Installed the injectors plus the disks. :)

Anyway.  Enough rambling.  I took some pictures if anyone is interested.
I also have a wiki site up detailing the project.


rabbit info:

I'm just a packet pusher.

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