[Vwdiesel] Fresh Turbo Diesel

Dan Cotter cotter at mhtc.net
Wed Sep 4 23:23:21 EDT 2002

. It was also impossible for me to remove the bushing inside
> the tranny mainshaft. I used a big slide hammer (same I used for the
> bushing) and managed to ding up the old bushing some. Bentley does not
> mention how to get it out. I just gave up after 20 mins and put a new seal
> in.

I drilled the old bushing out with progressively larger bits until it was
rather thin walled then pulled it out easily. The bronze drills easily and
the bit did not seem to drift into the steel of the trans shaft. I think I
ended with about 3/8" bit and sort of threaded a bolt into the bushing ;
then pulled on the bolt.
Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum.
This took very little time as I recall

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