[Vwdiesel] EGT temps and max temp for a TDI

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on 9/7/02 9:04 PM, W3WJR at aol.com at W3WJR at aol.com wrote:

 I did a
> modification to the waist gate, and the MAP sensor so I could rise from 18psi
> to what ever the truck would do.  Now I was seeing about 25psi and the EGT's
> went down.  Then I added a VanAaken box (same as a chip in the TDI?) which
> advanced the timing.  Now I can push 32psi, but I have the waist gate set at
> 28, now the EGT's stay below 1000 unless I start lugging the motor with a load
> (12,000 lbs) behind it.
The Wetterauer chip effects both fueling and boost.  Under heavy load the
TDI can push up to 28 lbs momentarily.  this is way above the normal  for
the TDI.  Normally the boost on a sustained hill will be around 20 psi or
slighly above.  The computer won't let the car spend much time above those
points because it activates the waste gate and dumps the excess pressure.  I
suppose if I were to add raceware studs and put a bleed in the pressure line
to the ECU I could get more air without increasing the fuel.  I am also
thinking about going with a cone style filter.  Only question I have with
those is that their is a vacum line attatched to the air filter that would
have to be fabricate.

> I still have a stock exhaust on the truck, but others have gone to larger
> pipes which also drops EGT. Although its not a TDI, hope this helps.
I am hoping that the 2 1/4" exhaust and one turbo muffler will really help.
Right now it still has both of the huge suitcase mufflers on the stock pipe.

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