[Vwdiesel] Jay Leno did a pro-diesel/VW diesel article!

Robert L. Coyle, Jr. wn5p at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 8 22:37:22 EDT 2002

--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

[electric content snipped]

>   Then he says "...the best alternative fuel is one
> we already have, but
> this country doesn't want to produce: No. 1 refined
> diesel fuel...  You
> can go to Europe and you can get a VW Golf that gets
> something
> like 60 mpg.  You could bring that over here and it
> would sell just fine.

Sorry Jay, been there, done that. The State of Texas,
EPA, and DOT would NOT allow me to keep my 1997 Jetta
TD drom Canada. After three months of driving
pleasure, I had to sell it back to at a loss.

'92 Jetta ECOdiesel

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