[Vwdiesel] EGT temps and max temp for a TDI

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Mon Sep 9 08:25:57 EDT 2002

  Dad's wanting more oomph for
>his Passat.  It's nice on an empty road but with a car full and cars to
>pass with hills, it's not quite as jumpy as would be nice.  He's thinking
>Wetteraur (sp) I presume it's the hands down favorite?  Better mileage
>would be a nice plus also.  He's only getting a fairly consistent 48 mpg
>now.  ;-)

  Either Wett or Upsolute make good chips for the TDI, but I'd stick with
Upsolute. +25 hp and +50 lb-ft of torque! I put a set in my '98 Jetta, and
it makes a big difference in driveability. I also have put on a 2 1/2"
Techtonics cat-back stainless system that only improved upon the chips. If
you're going to get an exhaust system, order it with as little muffling
capacity as you can - I'm not kidding. Mine came with two resonators and a
Borla muffler. When I had my old system off, I fired it up with nothing but
the catalytic converter attached, and it was easily quiet enough to drive on
the street like that. I'm looking at replacing the rear muffler with a
section of straight pipe with a turndown at the end, since my bumper is
getting sooty now.
 The good thing about the Passat (and my Jetta) is that the older ECUs had
socketed chips so they are user-replaceable. I bought a set used and put
them in myself. There's a thread on the TDIclub website that details a
installation on a Jetta with lots of pictures, I can post the URL if you're


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