[Vwdiesel] EGT temps and max temp for a TDI

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Mon Sep 9 09:15:09 EDT 2002

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>   I guess I'm spoiled.  Our local muffler shop never complains about
>intricate bends.  They just consider them a place to show off their
>skill!  :)  How about using 3 inch as far as you can and choking to
>as large as you can get away with over the axle?  I personally think
>something on the order of a 2 cycle expansion chamber arrangement
>is what would work best.  Something big to dump into but it really doesn't
>need to be as big by the rear of the car.  It's usually just simpler to stay
>one size, unless space constraints don't permit it.

.................I'm running a straight pipe on my 85 Jetta TD, mainly
because the rear muffler was so heavy that the hangers kept failing year
after year and the whole system was dominated by that weight. It is a
little loud now around town when I wind out the engine, but on the highway
it is very endurable.

.............If I were running a big diameter pipe that wouldn't go over
the axle, I'd try to link the big round pipe up with a thinner but wider
double pipe above the axle, using a "Y" pipe to split the big volume into
two smaller volumes just in front of the rear axle. The double smaller
pipes could clear the rear axle and exit at the rear without being joined
up again.

>   He used it on the exterior.  Had 3 or 4 nozzles that sprayed across the
>radiator for when he was pulling his trailer.  He was sometimes nearly
>paranoid fanatical about things.  Of course he drove truck since he was
>in his early teens.  Too bad he's gone now.  :(

..................I rigged such a contraption to spray the radiator of a
big Chrysler that I used to pull our 7,000 pound travel trailer. I used the
30 gallon trailer tank as a supply, and pressurized it with the existing
trailer water supply pump. The flexible garden hose took water from the
trailer and delivered it to the dual spray nozzles in front of the
radiator. It worked well and I drove the rig clear across the USA and the
Canadian Rockies one summer. Took it off when I sold the car and trailer.
Still out in the garage.

>   Keep us updates on how it all pans out.  Dad's wanting more oomph for
>his Passat.  It's nice on an empty road but with a car full and cars to
>pass with hills, it's not quite as jumpy as would be nice.  He's thinking
>Wetteraur (sp) I presume it's the hands down favorite?  Better mileage
>would be a nice plus also.  He's only getting a fairly consistent 48 mpg
>now.  ;-)

..............I drove a new 1.8T Passat about 300 miles a few weeks ago,
and verify that it didn't have the performance that I like.  That same
engine is a lot snappier in a Jetta.    Doyt

>      Loren

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