[Vwdiesel] RH mounts

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 9 11:25:00 EDT 2002

Hi All.  This is one for the guys that have done a 1.9 to caddy swap.  I'm
just in the process of getting all the ducks in a row while the weather is
poor and no harvest happening.  What do you wind up using for the RH engine
mounts? The other 3 are pretty straight forward, but the timing belt side is
giving me some hesitation. Can I just cut the stock A1 mount to get the
rubber mount holder and use the 4 bolts on the block to hold it, maybe run
something to the back of the block as well for a stiffener?  I like the cast
iron injection pump mount being by itself as it's more robust than the old
steel one piece pump/ motor bount bracket, and would like to keep it.  I
figure if I can just use the important part of the old one, and modify the
new style belt cover to accept all this I should be in the best of both
scenarios.  Am I way off base here?  Thanks
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