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Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Thu Sep 12 10:38:41 EDT 2002

One difference is no catalytic converter. The mid-section piece is a resonater
(the TDs have these, not sure about NA), a straight through baffled pipe wrapped
in glass wool. The muffler may be indeed different too, the baffle holes larger
to keep from plugging with soot. So just don't slap on a gas engine muffler.

Diesel exhausts last much longer because there is less corrosion form the diesel
exhaust. a. there is no throttle plate, so you get full flow, based on engine
speed, through the exhaust to purge moisture, I also believe there is less
moisture in diesel exhaust. You certainly don't see condensation on cold/damp
mornings like gas engines emit. Also, exhaust temps might be lower. Those are
the reasons you never had to work on the exhaust system. Also, the metal is
pretty thick on OEM pipes. Typically last 200,000 miles plus on VW diesels.


"Duncan L. Forbes" wrote:

> Hey all quick and hopefully not too dumb question,
> What is the difference between an exhaust system on a mid-80's diesel versus
> a mid-80's gasser? Such as, does a diesel have a catalytic converter?
> To be honest I have never had to mess with my exhaust and haven't even ever
> paid attention to what was under there.
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