[Vwdiesel] How to replace glow plugs? (1.6L NA)

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Sep 12 22:01:49 EDT 2002

> I've tested to make sure I have 12V to the glow plug bus bar
>  when starting cold.  I have purchased a set of glow plugs to
>  replace the ones I have in there now.

  Not to be a pessimist but there is a possibility of it being an injector
also/instead.  Hopefully not though.  :)
>  It looks a little tight to get in there to access the plugs,
>  especially #2 and #3.  The fuel injector lines are in the way.
>  What's the procedure here?
>  - Should I pull the injector lines completely off (removing them
>  from the injectors and the injection pump?)

  It can be done without it but your hands will be scraped and it'll take
4 times as long.  IMO, PULL THE LINES!  Just hose and wait for dry or blow
it off first.
>  - Do I need to pull the injectors from the head as well?  If so,
>  I'll need new heat shields too, right?

  No, they don't need to come out but if you do some time then yes, you
need new shields.
>  - Are there heat shields for the glow plugs?

  Nope, tapered seat seal.
>  - Should I use anti-seize on the glow plugs threads when
>  inserting them?  (e.g., copper-based anti-seize compound?)

  Yup, I usually use the graphite kind though.  Copper is generally for
high temp like exhaust, but it'll work fine if it's what you have.
>  - Can anybody provide a step-by step guide to the procedure--or
>  better yet, a link to an illustrated how-to web page?

  Roger might have an illustrated page.  Haven't heard from him in a while.
>  Any tips or tricks to offer here?
  Pull the injector lines.  Pull the nuts on 3 and 4.  Pull the supply wire,
catch any washers that may still be there.  8mm wrench will be needed
for 1 and 2 but a socket and extension will work on 3 and 4.  Have a
magnet handy and pull the nuts on 1 and 2.  Most of it can be done by
gripping it between two fingers.  Pull the buss bar off.  You can now
test each gp and replace as needed or replace them all.  3 and 4 are
easy to get with a 12mm wrench.  Box end is best for initial breaking
loose.  1 and 2 are challenging to get with a regular wrench.  A deep
offset box end is the best tool.  The box end is offset but pretty well
parallel to the handle.  Remove and install is pretty much done with
your first two fingers.
  Test the new plugs before you start.  They'll have time to cool off that
way, as will you by the time you get a replacement, in the event of a
bad one.  ;-)
  Once you fiddle 1 and 2 in then 3 and 4 are easy.  To put the nuts on,
get a piece of wire or small longish screwdriver and slide a nut up it.
Put the end on the threads, after you've put the buss bar in.  Let the
nut go and it'll drop right to the threads.  Use a screwdriver or finger to
turn it until it catches the threads and starts.  Repeat for #2.  3 and 4
are pretty easy.  Tighten them all and put the supply wire back on.
You're done.  :)

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