[Vwdiesel] Who has rear brake drums turned?

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Fri Sep 13 13:49:57 EDT 2002

I flush the system every two years too (I mean really flush it w/ about 2 quarts
of fluid, pain in the butt, wheel at a time), that's what's odd. And they ARE
corroded inside (in most instances). I've been using cheap Wagner brand from Trak
Auto for about $15.00 each. Now I can get ATE for the same. Sometimes I rebuild
them for about $7 each and have the same luck. I think what is happening is thet
water is getting in the drum and into the boot in the cylinder. During the winter
months I would thuroughly hose down the Jetta (underside especially) after each
snow when the roads were salted. For any given snow, this would be about 4 times.
Then I discovered I was getting water in the brake drums and I stopped hosing the
brake backing plates. I think that may be where most of my problems arrose. We
haven't had any snow here in two years, so these have lasted the longest of any.


W3wjr at aol.com wrote:

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> Keep in most times a wheel cylinder goes bad because of corrosion inside the
> bore.  This is caused by water in the brake fluid.  After you replace them,
> suck all the fluid out of the master cylinder, replace it with new, and bleed
> the complete system until it runs clear.  I change mine about every 2 years
> in everything I own.
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> > I'd just replace the bad one.  When they're many years old you can
> > assume the other is going to go as well.  When they're only a year or
> > two it sounds like early failure.  My Rabbit still has the originals as
> > does nearly everything I own!
> >      Loren
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