[Vwdiesel] alternator Q's

Milton Kaplan teacher525 at juno.com
Sat Sep 14 23:37:13 EDT 2002

Hi Shalyn,

Alternator recharges battery for starting and maintaining its charge. You
can drive a long time with bad alternator but eventually you won't be
able to start. You could recharge it but if you drive too long you would
still run a starting risk. Also hard on battery to recharge after a big
discharge. Maybe you can carry a temporary battery for now "just in
case"? But a bad bearing might cause alternator to sieze. This would be
bad as the belt would be destroyed. Check to see if you need belt to run
other things on engine. One solution to recharge a battery somewhere
other than home is carry a Coleman portable generator as most have a
battery charge function.  Alternator bearing might be available at an
automotive electric shop.


> This leads to a few questions.  1) can I replace just that
> one
> bearing?  2)anyone have an ingenious plan on how to get by with only
> a
> battery charger and no alternator in the car if I have to get the
> alternator rebuilt?  I understand that the alternator is an
> important
> part of the circuit to run the whole system.  If not, that's fine
> too.
>     So much for that tournament I had planned to go to tomorow.
> Having
> only one car is not a good thing.
>     -Shalyn
>     '85 Jetta TD.  Job's wife.
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