[Vwdiesel] new engine running rough, why?

maded maded at gte.net
Mon Sep 16 13:47:13 EDT 2002

Greetings from Seattle,

We took the Vanagon out for the first "big" trip this weekend since
installing the new AAZ 1.9td engine.  This is installed like the original
1.6na, i.e., 50 degrees.  We filled the tank with a 1/2 Biodiesel and 1/2
Shell "premium" diesel mix and drove off to Mt Rainier and it ran like a
top, smell like popcorn, keeping up with traffic, no smoke, starting warm
with nary a hiccup at the cold start in the morning.

The next morning (after enjoying Vanagon Westy camping) the engine was
started easily but  puffed clouds of white smoke fading to black fading to
none as the engine quickly warmed.  The sound was something like  "rrrrr
uhrrr uh ruh rrrruh rrrrrruh rruh uh rrrrrrrrruh rrrrruh" and so on.  The
temp was about 56f and we had put about 120 miles the previous day.

I know this is not uncommon.  In fact this is the way the Golf runs every
day except the smoke is black and never white.  My concern is that the
Vanagon is a new engine, I have less than 1k on it and it supposedly is new,
run for factory break in only.  It has the AAZ two detent cold start and my
wife swears that the detent was all the way out at the fast idle position
when she started it and it did sound like fast idle.  It occasionally has
made a puff-rough sound for me but this is the worst I have seen yet, like
maybe a glow plug was out.

What opinions have you all?  Has the Biodiesel done anything?  Have one of
my new injectors gone bad already?  Has a brand new glow plug quit?  Should
I quit worrying and enjoy my new found power while watchfully waiting for
winter?  BTW, started this am about 65 deg with just a couple of uh uhs'
with the fast idle pulled out, started on the first turn (cold).  When hot
it always needs to crank3-4 seconds to start.  The number 1 injector showed
some wetness around the barrel when I first started driving it, even some
very slow bubbles, then this wetness stopped.  First mileage check was
24mpg.  Now you know as much as I.

Ed Lowe, Seattle
82 Westy diesel upgrading to 1.9td
85 Golf diesel
92 Cabrio
97 Passat Tdi

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