[Vwdiesel] Another way to defeat the worm (NDC)

W3wjr at aol.com W3wjr at aol.com
Mon Sep 16 21:13:04 EDT 2002

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I know what you mean about '"spoofs".  I saw one that indicated it came from
me!, but there is no way as I have all the "precautions" turned on (plus I
work in Internet Security so I know my "precautions" work.)

Will R

In a message dated 9/16/2002 4:09:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time, maded at gte.net

> The topic of the .klez worm has come up several times.  It was noted that
> the worm "spoofs" email addresses and therefore appears to come from
> someone
> other than the actual sender

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