[Vwdiesel] rabbit smoke revisited

Kris krisa at subtend.net
Wed Sep 18 16:37:39 EDT 2002

The shop has re-timed the rabbit, everything is set correctly.  The thing
still smokes like there is no tomorrow.  Tech says it is dumping too
much fuel in and it could be a bad injection pump since I put in rebuilt

After hearing off this list that a lot of rebuilt injectors can still go
bad, I asked him to pull and test the injectors.  The pump was working
fine before I tore the engine apart, but I didn't muck with the pump
except the rear screw for dial indicator and the idle screw.

So.. if the pump did decide to just go bad the month it was sitting
idle, what are my options for a new pump?  vwdieselparts.com is asking
$400 for a rebuilt. :(

I found a used one on ebay (currently $20).  Works but has a small leak
at the pulley end.  Easy to fix?

I'm just a packet pusher.

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